Governor Wike Gifts Judges New Cars, Says No More Excuses For Corruption

During the presentation of new car gifts to the judges of Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike warns against corruption and says judges should no longer exhibit corruption and indolence in job performance due to the incentives and entitlement the state is providing.

According to Nyesom Wike, resolution of disputes must be done in such a way that serves the interest of justice. He added, “Clearly, judges become insubordinate, complicit and derelict of duty whenever they come to pressure and intimidation in the course of their duties, or shy away from handling sensitive cases by inducive politicians or litigants as bases for returning the case files to the chief judge for reassignment and indulging in various dodgy acts of self-exaltation at the expense of doing justice.

He said, “I do not think any judge has the power or pleasure to unilaterally return a case file to the chief judge for any reason, more so for every flimsy excuse as it is becoming the common practice these days among judges.”

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