You must have seen them before, they tell you they are 40, 50, 60 but they look like they are in their late twenties. You must have wondered how they were able to cheat the nature of aging and sometimes you come to the conclusion that they must have done some skin surgery. Well, while some go for various skin surgeries, some don’t because they have learnt the following tips:

  1. Getting new clothes while they get rid of the old ones: You want to look like 16 when you are 60? Then, get rid of those worn-out clothes in your wardrobe. Give them out or wear them inside. Worn-out clothes naturally make you look older than your age in a bad way. So, if you have worn-out clothes in your wardrobe, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

  2. Being joyful: It has been said in several research studies that those who maintain an angry or sad face for a long time are more likely to age faster. If you want to look 16 while you are 60, you have to maintain a happy countenance. Smile often and forgive those who have hurt you. Get rid of bitterness or envy; no one is worth your happiness.

  3. Staying away from matte foundations: Too much of the usage of matte foundations can lead to premature aging. Try to use more natural products like a natural-based exfoliant and moisturizer. Do not also forget to apply sunscreen on your face and neck so as to be able to preserve your youthfulness from the scorching sun.

  4. Staying away from screens: The University Hospital of Nice’s researchers have discovered that spending too much time starting at screens can cause a faster aging due to squinting and neck-craning accompanied with staring at screen. Therefore, it is important that you intentionally carve out a time when you are not staring at your phone screen so that you can maintain your youthful look

  5. Limited exposure of the skin to the sun: The sun does major damages to the skin; thus, making sunscreens a major item that should always be in our makeup bag.

Looking beautiful isn’t that expensive; as long as skin care is one of the important things on your everyday to-do list

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