A 42-year-old woman Temitope Akinola has been arrested by the police for killing her 2-year-old granddaughter.

Guardian reported that Akinola poisoned her granddaughter with sniper, which resulted in her death.

The spokesman of the Ogun state police command said that Akinola was arrested following the information they received.

He said:

…. that the suspect, who has never hidden her hatred for her son-in-law who happened to be the father of the baby was the only person with the child while the baby’s mother went to take her birth, only for her to come back and met the lifeless body of the baby.

On interrogation, the suspect admitted killing the baby because she didn’t like her daughter getting married to the father of the deceased baby.

She confessed further that when she discovered that her daughter was pregnant, she made an attempt to terminate the pregnancy but her pastor warned her not to do so hence she waited for her to deliver before carrying out her devilish intention.

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