4 Reasons Why This Is the Best Time to Be a Child

We’ve all agreed that sometimes being an adult can feel like a scam. We want to go back to when we were young and had no worries in the world. Apart from the fact that being a child is just pure bliss, children of these days are having the time of their lives. This is the best time to be a child and here’s why;

1. Video Games, everywhere

When we were young, we used to play games like suwe, tenten, tinko tinko and the likes but now, there are portable video games, arcades and many others. If your parents were really modern then, you might have had a Nintendo and that’s it. These kids are living their best lives no kidding!

2. Children’s Day is now lit!

When we were young, the best experience we had on children’s day was dancing with a blue (instead of purple) Barney and having some scary looking clowns laugh in our faces.

Now, Children’s day is a big deal! You’ll find out that even companies know this and are going the extra mile to give children an unforgettable experience.

Did you hear about whenChidinma and Emmanuella went to two government-owned schools in, Lagos? Ireti and Hope Primary schools students got to hang out with the celebrities! They painted and had fun and learnt from Chidinma and Emmanuella. Now, this is what we call an unforgettable experience. It did not end there; MTN also refurbished the two playgrounds in the two schools and gave all the students school learning materials. What a time to be a primary school student!

3. Learning is now fun!

Growing up, our only instruments of learning were notebooks and textbooks. We had to struggle to read the endless pages of boring textbooks. Now, there are exceptional and conventional means of learning.

For example, mPulse is fun web-based service for tweens and teens to learn, play and develop life skills. Isn’t this amazing?

4. Children can pick out their own clothes

If you had the audacity to pick your own clothes when your mother had selected what you were going to wear, please raise your hand! For a lack of a better word, ‘who born you well?’

Now, kids are looking cool and fresh, ‘insisting’ on their own clothes and having a high fashion sense. What a wawu!

A child’s’ life in 2019 is Boss levels, abeg.

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