The 10 year Challenge Takes Over Social Media

Nigerian celebrities and many other people broke the internet yesterday by participating in the #10yearschallenege, this challenge had us thanking God for glow up and growth.

While a majority of the celebrities do not look like their old selves, many others completely aged backwards, while others simply fine-tuned their beauty.

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the 10yearchallenge –

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy definitely maintained his face but the glow is not the same. He also left us wondering what was going on with that tattoo.


The President of the Sweet boys association has been a sweet boy from day one, no doubt about that. Thank God for growth and thank God for beards.


The enegy gahd is here but he didn’t look like he had so much energy back then.


It is pretty clear that boss lady Ceec has always been pretty. She went from school girl to boss lady real quick.

This picture of Wole shows us that money is good. What was going with his beards??? and that outfit??



Nina went from 0 – 100 real quick.

Bambam certainly upgraded her looks and went from Teddy bear to Teddy A.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is known for breaking the internet on the regular, and this challenge is no different. Toke got everyone talking and even trended on twitter because of this picture. The change was crazy and her skin went from 0- 100.

AY and his whole family experienced a beautiful glowup.

Mercy Johnson and her husband are out here showing us what glowing up is about.

Bobrisky was declared the winner of the challenge by Nigerians. His picture left us speechless.

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