Photo: Girl with beautiful eyes whose pictures went viral

Beautiful Nigerian girl with colored eyes Peace whose photos went viral after she was discovered selling vegetables for her mum at a Market in Lagos has gotten  a proper photo shoot .


Abimbola Balogun of Revelia Photography, the photographer who discovered Peace had these to say:

‘Her name is Peace Samuel Omana, she is pretty and so brilliant. Some of her classmates who were available at the photoshoot described Peace as being calm, nice and a lover of Mathematics. Her school mates also said they always teased her about being miss Nigeria. Her parents are so grateful and optimistic that this would bring a end to poverty in their lives they are thankful for all the positive comments and love from everyone.

the Photographer also spoke about Peace saying: Transformations can happen overnight to anyone. Its her time, she is a star. You can tell from her pictures she was born to be! A lot of opportunities opening up for her already but I’m being careful with the sort of endorsement she allows so she doesn’t get the wrong attention.’





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