I’m Under A Heavy Pressure To Change My Comedy Style -Kenny Blaq

Kenny Blaq

Nigerian rising star comedian Otolorin Kehinde, aka Kennyblaq, has been warming his way into the heart of entertainment fans, bit not without pressures on his unique style of comedy.

Jenni Blaq on stage

Kenny who describes his brand and style of comedy as ‘Musicomedy’ has emphatically declared that he would not be pressurized into changing his brand because that is what makes him stand out from his colleagues in the rib-cracking business.

He told Showtime in an exclusive chat that he has been under pressure from all angles to change his style but he is not ready to bulge because being a ‘musicomedian’ is unique to him.

In his words, “I would describe my brand as ‘musicomedy’, other people say their jokes but I sing my jokes. I have a lot of popular demands to change my style, people want me to do this or do that, but I say I’m like the artiste of the comedy industry. I’m like the comedy DJ that mixes songs together to tell a story, I’m a story teller who is a music comedian; so I won’t change my style for anybody.”

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