Actress Shirley Igwe reacts to the ‘Goat head saga’ allegation


So yesterday we brought you the story of Nollywood actress Shirley Igwe who was accused of not paying for the goat meat she shared at her birthday party. Read HERE if you missed it.Shirley

According to SDK, Shirley has responded to the allegations in a bid to vindicate herself.

See her reaction below:

”Hello Stella. Greetings to you and yours.It was brought to my notice by my teaming fans that a certain Young boy Ugochukwu Obasi who parades as an online enterprise called SOSnation has taken to the social media to lay claims against my person to make himself feel good.

If am to tell my own said of the story Stella it’s pretty long and usually I don’t give anyone this luxury of response so am just going to cut it short by sending a bank teller evidence to clarify the public or whom it may concern that the said 10,000 Naira was paid on and before I got the wind of this birthday brouhaha, after being duped and cheated.

I only made that payment for the love of God and after the Chef reached out to me directly sounding very humble.

You want to tell me I don’t have the right to question the services I paid for? After I instructed that you bring me the head? Which on a one on one meeting we made a joke of. How can he forget; A job he practically begged and pleaded for? Not that I didn’t have anyone else to do it, but I gave it to him just to show support to a hustling boy. Not only did he not obey my instructions he also did not bring half of the entire protein I paid for.

Even though I had no time to oversea what was made available because of their lateness, his forgetting that my party organizer inspected all that he came with. Am going to stop here as I don’t have enough time for criminals like him.
This should serve as a warning to anyone hoping to cheat me in the future and perhaps run to the media afterwards. Nice try but it doesn’t work for me. I am a very detailed person. I will ask you how you spent my every dime. Unless I feel like letting go, you must give me a satisfactory explanation.Thank you Stella. God bless you”.

One question, How about the conversation in the chat?

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