Big Brother Naija Day 42 – Biggie showed Kemen’s video to Bisola

On Big brother naija Day 42, Ekemnini aka Kemen was asked to leave the house due to one of the rules he violated. He was disqualified from the house following a major infringement on the Big brother rules.

The head of house TTT, Bisola, Marvis and Bally gathered together to talk about what went down and Bisola was so upset about the whole event.



Biggie enlightened Bisola about the whole situation so as to reduce tension in the house. He showed her the video in the diary room which made her understand what really happened between both parties. She did a good job by managing the situation and she apologized to Tboss.

Housemates took it upon themselves to apologise to Tboss as she was misunderstood when Biggie told Kemen to leave the house. As at the time when Kemen was asked to leave the premises, the housemates had no idea of what happened. The video proved that Tboss had no idea of what Kemen did to her while she was asleep.

Watch Bisola tell her fellow housemates what happened.




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