How To Get Soft Lips In One Week

The lips are one of the best features of the face and it deserves all the attention. Soft and smooth lips are easily noticed so make you look younger. These are the easy steps you can get a soft lips too in less than a week

  •  Rub olive or coconut oil on your lips for about 10 minutes, then gently use a soft toothbrush to brush your lips in a circular motion until the dead skin starts to flake off. Do this until your lips are as smooth. Be gentle and don’t pull at the skin that won’t come up easily (it may take a day or two to be able to remove all of your dead skin) or you could cause your lips to bleed.


  • After scrubbing your lips, apply a good lip balm that also has sunscreen as the sun can easily dry out your lips. Remember to reapply your lip balm all through the day especially after eating

Lip Balm


  • Use lipstick with moisturizing ingredients like honey, coconut oil, olive oil, Shea and cocoa butter. You can also look out for the ones that have lemon because of its lightening agent.


  • Saliva dries out very fast, so licking your lips causes them to dry out so try to avoid licking them. Whenever you want to hydrate your lips, use a moisturizing lip balm


  • It is very important to drink lots of water as when someone is dehydrated; one of the first places it will show is on their lips. You should have at least 7 glasses of water a day


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