MMM Nigeria Introduces New Task For Members Ahead of January 14 Return

MMM NIgeria

As many Nigerians are awaiting the return of the ponzi scheme,  MMM Nigeria has urged its participants to continue to promote its  brand.

It could be recalled the scheme announced a ‘freeze’ on accounts of users in December 2016 and promised to return January 14, 2017.

It has now asked participants to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development”.

In a statement on its website, it said, “Being an MMM member implies not only opportunities, but also a responsibility for the state and development of the MMM Community. MMM is our home, and we are responsible to build and refine it.

“A lot of participants genuinely want to promote MMM, spread its ideology amongst people, though not always knowing what exactly has to be done. Therefore we have created a new PromoTasks section in the PO, which is added with various tasks: online and offline, easy and complicated, individual and team-oriented.

“A member who will perform these tasks will be benefited, because the tasks will allow him to attract new referrals, build his structure (and get bonuses for that), and it will be useful the whole Community, because more people will learn about MMM and its ideology.”

MMM Nigeria also said there were offline tasks for participants to engage in.

“There are also offline tasks: conducting home sharings, cafe meetings, organizing MavroPicnics, MavroParties or MavroGames,” it said.

“Doing the tasks you contribute to the Community’s progress. Thanks to you and other members doing the tasks, MMM gains more popularity in social media and gets more registrations and PHs. MMM needs you and depends on your activity!

“It is obvious that the activity of MMM Nigeria members is growing. MMM is very proud of its members who are becoming kinder and more responsible. By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome”, it added.

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