Ever Wondered How Your Favorite Celebs Got Their B#TT Enlarged? Check Photos On How The Bizarre Treatment Is Done!

For the past few years, bootyless women have flocked to pump up their flat backs (despite the very real threat of losing limbs and even life) in today’s vanity-plagued society where big, ignorant booty is the latest pop culture obsession.

Leading the exclusive list of African celebrity who loves to flaunt their bountiful behinds on IG is Vera Sidika. The Kenyan socialite recently made headlines when she spent over 50 Million Kenyan shillings to enlarge both her twins and her now big ASSets.

The bizarre treatment according to Africa Celebrity News is called ‘vacuum therapy‘ which enlarges women’s ASSets. During procedures, two ‘suction cups’ are attached to each butt0ck for 45 minutes, and it supposedly ‘raises, enlarges and re-affirm the b-tt’.

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It is designed to increase the blood flow, and eventually the size of your b-tt after about five treatments.

When next you see your favorite celebrity with an extra backside, remember we told you the secret here on #OSG.

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