Nigerian Senate To Spend N4.7 billion On Luxury Cars For Senate President

If you think Nigeria is facing a recession and a severe cash crunch, don’t worry too much, our Senators clearly don’t think so.

With crude oil prices falling and the Naira falling to N260 against the dollar in the parallel market, the signs are scary.

Nonetheless, the most expensive aspect of Nigeria’s democracy has chosen to live in denial, carrying on with business as usual.
Perhaps the biggest indicator of Nigeria’s dire financial situation is a looming debate on the reduction of an already paltry and unenforced minimum wage.

A report by Premium Times has revealed that the Nigerian Senate has concluded plans to spend N4.7 billion on purchase of luxury cars.
The Senate is allegedly planning a purchase of 120 “2016 Land Cruiser” vehicles.

Additionally, there is allegedly a plan to purchase a 2016 Mercedes Benz S550 for the Senate President.

The planned procurement of the vehicles is being kept under wraps by the Senate as the 8th Senate continues with the National Assembly’s secretive nature.

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