I was invited to a movie premiere a few days ago and reluctantly I went, not knowing what to really expect. 

I’m not really a fan of the Big Screen, because in the comfort of my room I can watch

whatever till the normal happens -I fall asleep!!

The movie DRY is to go down in my books as the first Naija movie premiere I have ever attended.

From the moment I was ushered into the cinema hall, my attention was captivated.

The movie was about the challenges faced by child brides who are struggling with VVF

(Vesico vaginal fistula). The damage of the fistulous tract extending between the bladder

and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine by a female into

the vaginalvault, caused by early child birth.


I enjoyed the movie production, the acts and their characters we simply of international standards.

The movie was so emotionally laden that it left  me TEARY eyed. The whole cast were very good in their delivery of their roles and my sister Stephanie Okereke Linus was outstanding.

Who would have thought she had it in her to whip up such emotions in my person.

However, the movie left me with more questions than answers.


What can a full grown man see as a sexual attraction to a 12yr old girl young enough to be one’s granddaughter?

What joy do men drive from very violent sex? Why are some men worse than dogs?

Why are some people still giving away their little girls to very old men who should be put to pasture for marriage? Questions and more questions!

Did I hear you say culture?

Is it not about time we get rid of certain parts of our culture especially, those

that paint the women as subservient, house fixtures, things to be used for selfish pleasure while conveniently forgetting the fundamental rights of the female gender?

Is it not high time we look around and see that the world has since moved on from these barbaric acts?


All these silly old ignorant randy men should please allow children to enjoy their childhood rather than damaging them physically and emotionally.


There is a lot the Federal Ministry of Health can do, oh! sorry we have no ministers, I forget we are on our own.

Well, for my sister Stephanie, kudos to a job well done. You have made us proud. I hear you loud and clear, just know that you have a believer in this message you are trying to pass across and remember, I am only a phone call away in joining you in this sensitization campaign. I pledge my support to help stamp out VVF especially in Naija.

Well done.


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