Webisode 4 of Discovery with Glory Edozien Featuring Arese Ugwu: How to Save Your Money

This week’s edition features Guest vlogger Arese Ugwu– The Smart Money Woman

To make sure you all don’t get tired of seeing my face every week, Discovery with Glory will now feature a guest vlogger every month! Guest Vloggers are the living deal! They are people who are living their message and I could think of any better person to start of the series than the smart money woman herself- Arese Ugwu!

Anyone who has watched Arese’s Vlogs, heard her speak at a seminar or conference or read her blog and articles, would know she has a knack for simplifying and demystifying financial lingo. In todays vlog she gives us 3 easy peasy steps for saving! I love that Arese’s advice is always practical and doable and something you can start doing today!

She starts off by advising on a change in mindset when it comes to spending and savings and this is a journey I am currently on. Understanding the principles of delayed gratification and realising that working towards my long term financial goals, is just as important as my short term goals.

What do you think of Arese’s advice? Are you already doing these things? What’s holding you back from starting today? Please share in the comments section! Or email me on



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