Photo Speak – Samsung Launch SUHD TV

Samsung has launched several new, expensive televisions under the “SUHD” name, and we’ve received a few questions from readers wondering what it means.


UHD is the official industry term for Ultra High Definition, which is the less-popular way to say “4K.” So what is “S” UHD? Super UHD? Spectacular UHD? Sassy UHD? Perhaps just Samsung UHD?

Samsung’s official answer is that the S doesn’t stand for a specific word. Rather, according to the rep we spoke to, “Samsung reserves the ‘S’ (in SUHD) identification for their flagship products that change the game, like the groundbreaking 2015 SUHD TV portfolio or their Galaxy S and so on.

Picture_3-Launch_of_SUHD[1] Picture_4-Launch_of_SUHD[1]

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