Buhari’s Certificate: PDP Needs a Better Strategy To Stop This Inevitable Change

So, how does the Constitution define Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. Let’s take a look at Section 318. Part IV, Section 318 of the Constitution interprets “School Certificate level or its equivalent” as follows:


(a) A Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent, Grade II Teacher’s Certificate, the City and Guilds Certificate; or
(b) Education up to Secondary School Certificate Level; or
(c) Primary Six School Leaving Certificate or its equivalent and –
(i) service in the public or private sector in the Federation in any capacity acceptable to the Independent National Electoral Commission for a minimum of ten years, and
(ii) attendance at courses and training in such institutions as may be acceptable to the Independent National Electoral Commission for periods totaling up to a minimum of one year, and
(iii) The ability to read, write, understand and communicate in the English language to the satisfaction of the Independent National Electoral Commission, and
(d) Any other qualification acceptable by the Independent National Electoral Commission;

So at a minimum, the letter from the Principal satisfies the requirement because it clearly indicates the man was sitting for WASC.



If this is the entire strategy of PDP I’m sorry for these guys. Did they even take the Constitution and read it?

These are the guys that have been ruling us for 16 years. They can’t even take the pains to read the definition section of a small book such as the constitution. How can they rule the whole nation then?

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