Review: Saeon/ ‘Dogado’



I am a Saeon Fan so I’ll try as much to not have a swayed opinion on here. Right from her other single ‘Awada Erekere’, I have been hooked. Even at this stage, nothing has changed. ‘Dogado’ is an upbeat, dance-inviting number that thrives under the aegis of good production, masterful delivery and lyrical balance. Nothing sounds better than carrying your audience along on anything, and the connection the mother tongue brings forth in this respect is divine.


She is finally drawing closer to scoring a major club hit, as expected, because Dogado looks like that song that could make quite some difference. Her previous effort with Wiz Kid was great but didn’t particularly change much. But her resilience is good, because in Dogado we hear a well-made, timely and radio-ready effort which given the right push could register her name on a bigger scale.


The most sparks on Dogado are at the start of the song when Saeon introduces herself up into the first minute and half or so of the song; then things take a bit of a slide. The lines “waist whine na the motor motto motto/ …Go slow sunkere sunkere jim jim jim” are weak and trite like something SoulE Baba’s baby mama (Queen Ure) would do on a piece of music. But I like how the song closes. In the parts nearing the fourth minute, the sound is altered slightly, the keyboard does a glorious job, and the music hits a proper crescendo like that sweet orgasmic rush in love-making. The curtain closes on Dogado on that super high that makes up for all the little lapses in between, which is why this is a hit- A major hit.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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