GOtv Weekender_25 – 29 October

GO-getters can expect a bonanza of digital television viewing on GOtv this week. Tune in to all the new shows and your established favourites. 



Tarzan the boy who was brought up by wild animals in the jungle is swinging on to your TV screens on Monday 28 October at 2:30pm on Disney Junior.  Tune in to see if Tarzan learns how to be the leader of the pack and if he gets the girl.



Rise and Fall ofthe Japanese Empire

 Remarkable new series Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire explores Japan’s ambitious but destructive attempts to lead the whole of Asia out from the shadow of European and American dominance. Recounting the events of the most significant global conflict in the history of mankind and its equally dramatic aftermath, this two-part special investigates new and challenging insights into a battle that shaped the Asia-Pacific region.

Rise and Fall of Japanese Empire

Make sure not to miss the first episode of Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire on Friday 25 October at 10:45pm on Discovery World.




the pastor and mrs JONES

On the eve of his wedding day, Pastor Jones’ soon to be wife develops cold feet when secrets are revealed, and he must reassure her of his affection. Meanwhile the church deacons are concerned about lackluster sermons and the negative impact it is having on church tithes and donations. Starring: Darius Cottrell, Vivica A. Fox, Cedric LorellSunday 27 October at 6:00PM on GOtv Plus channel 2






The Incredible Mr Goodwin

Imagine if you will a daredevil who combines the skills of Houdini and Superman as he attempts death-defying feats of supreme bravery and skill. Meet Jonathan Goodwin, a real-life superhero who is inspired to attempt the impossible by the great American carnival sideshow acts and comic-book characters he grew up idolising.


Taking his distinctive brand of entertainment on location around the UK and US, Goodwin attempts stunts such as trying to unlock himself from a rocket-launched car before it drags him off a steep cliff, free-climbing up an office block and hanging by a burning rope from the London Eye. Madnessor genius? You decide! Starts: Tuesday, 29 October and continues Tuesdays at 8:00PM on GOtv channel 21


Five Superfighters

A kung-fu classic from the legendary Shaw Brothers production studio. This fight-filled martial arts fest tells of an old master whose three apprentices become skilled in different styles of fighting in order to exact revenge on a bully.The stage is set for some epic crane fighting, pole fighting, swordplay and other forms of martial arts in order for the fighters to regain their honour. Directed by John Lo Mar (1979).  Date: Saturday, 26 October at 9:00PM on GOtv channel 21






Giuliana and Bill went on a long journey to have Duke,but he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the newparents. That’s why the couple have made a specialepisode of their reality show just for him! From theirsweet romance and gorgeous Italian wedding to theirtrouble conceiving and Giuliana’s breast cancerdiagnosis, we relive Giuliana and Bill’s biggest andtoughest moments as they prepare to meet theirprecious bundle of joy.Premieres Tuesday, 29 October at 7:15pm on GOtv channel 26.

Giuliana & Bill Rewind



Please note that programming, dates and times are subject to change. In addition, please note that different channels are available on different GOtv bouquets and in different countries.


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