Kate And Wills’ Conjugal Coat Of Arms: Royal Couple Get New Marital Insignia

The Duchess of Cambridge’s personal emblem was joined, for the first time, with that of her husband to create a new ‘Conjugal Coat of Arms’.

Designed by the College of Arms in London, the striking image now represents William and Kate, in heraldic terms, as a married couple and has been approved by the Queen.


The three leafy acorns were suggested by Kate to represent herself and her siblings. Acorns were also chosen for the analogy that they grow into great oaks. Oak is a symbol of England and strength, and West Berkshire, where the children were brought up, has many oak trees.

In the centre is an eye-catching gold chevron presenting the Duchess’s mother, Carole, at the heart of the family. Her family name was, of course, Goldsmith.

The two thin white chevrons on either side indicate, remarkably, the family’s love of skiing and mountains, while the background colours of red and blue were chosen as they are the principle colours of the flag of the United Kingdom and match William’s own shield.

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