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Get 10kg of your Laundry Washed And Dried For 500 Naira ONLY!!! @ EZWashNDry



A  Laundromat located at the E-Center, Sabo, Yaba and 26A Admiralty Way (Opposite Dominos pizza) Lekki Phase 1, EZWash & Dry gives the denizens of Yaba and Lekki the chance to get their laundry done without stress. Easy to use, and also quite affordable, the Laundromat gives respite to people who don’t have the time to get down and soapy.

Unlike cats, puppies or babies with hoses, clothes aren’t capable of cleaning themselves. 70% discount off Laundry of 10kg of Clothing at EZWash & Dry Laundry

Clotheslines can be given a rest with EZWashnDry, which allows washable loads of up to 10kg. Bringing their clothes to the cloth cleaning company in Sabo and Lekki, clients can go the Do It yourself way as they tumble dry their pet-stained blankets and towels with the same care shown in washing their favorite tee shirts and jeans. The washed items can then be packed in a well-folded bundle, allowing customers to pack clothes away for fashionable safekeeping.

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08095989017 – Yaba

08187853327 – Le

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