Opinion: Juliet Ibrahim And Her Running Mouth



Everyone wants to speak about Nigeria.


Everyone, seriously! Even an American dog wants to bark when a Nigerian passes. The recent “international barking” came from a pretty woman. But it’s so sad that many people are pretty until they speak out or type a message, as the case may be. Juliet Ibrahim is a musician, of Lebanese and Liberian descent. She is Ghanaian too. I wonder how that works. And her Wikipedia page is as dry as my tap in the toilet. Sad again.



Everyone is a musician these days. I am, too. I hum, in the toilet, in the bathroom and while craving for sex from my many girlfriends…lol LWKMD. This fair lady or gossip, as it appears runs a multi-dimensional foundation, so we discovered via her Instagram page. She says she cares for kidney patients too. OJB’s ailment can bring out many things ehn!



Juliet Ibrahim said OJB’s kidney transplant would cost less than it’s been requested from the public. She quoted 50USD and she went hard on the ‘ignorant people’ who seem to be bugging their fake jewellery adorning superstars. The painful side of the incident is that she felt it was obligatory to speak out so she did. Parts of her message reads “I think it’s about time I speak up about this OJB topic that most of you ignorant people are using to harass and insult celebrities…etc” This same ignorant people are same people she tweets to daily and sings to too, her funeral songs, as I am bound to pronounce them, since everyone is ignorant.






My displeasure is in the fact that Juliet didn’t channel the ‘helpful’ information to the family and members of the fundraising committee for the #SaveOJB team, but to her Instagram page where she is supposed to get comments and become famous in Nigeria, as a fierce, outspoken personality who is addressing poor Nigerians who are ignorant of what celebrities face.


Dear Juliet, Nigerians know that our celebrities are packaged hustlers. That’s all we are, every one of us, our politicians too, that’s why they steal so much so they don’t go broke any sooner. When these celebrities seem not to have pressing troubles aside luxury cars and expensive parties and trips around the world, isn’t it in the place of the Nigerian who spends hard earned N150 on albums to call relevant attention to a dying colleague?



OJB is our responsibility; of young people all over the world. An African proverb states that a child is the responsibility of the community. When he does heroic the community chair him on the shoulder and celebrate his victory. When he is hungry he is supposed to be fed also, by the community. It is sad that OJB’s friends allowed him to go public. It could have been achieved with an SMS or calls. But who listens except the public knows about their so-called benevolence gestures in Nigeria? Have you bothered to ask why we haven’t had anonymous donors since the call for help was made? The reason is because everyone wants to be noticed!



Not calling on celebrities for assistance is like walking away from a rape victim because you don’t want to disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. I am against name calling, but words jump out sometimes, and for good too. There is something inhuman in you when you don’t help a man because you haven’t been called upon. I don’t think Juliet Ibrahim, the multi-talented fair queen from the Goldcoast needs to be called or reached for her to help OJB with basic information. It could be your case tomorrow. After all, you run a  foundation!



I think anyone who wishes to speak up should do what is called fact-finding. It is great to speak but very necessary to verify facts. Same Nigerians went online, screaming they had given so much money to the ailing man while the reality was likely poor. Miss Juliet runs a foundation. She is an artist, so I have found out. She sings and she is a model with very tempting backsides. I like Ghana for this! Now, as a concerned fellow, who I am sure has friends in Nigeria, did she care to investigate the issue at hand, finding out what is really wrong with OJB, if it was both kidneys? Did she find out about the hospital, the pre-surgical and post-surgical medication? The sending of a family member to assist him, was that considered?  The transportation, especially because when a Nigerian goes to India it is believed that we are rich enough and we are exploited, did that cross your mind? Was she able to use her long-legs to secure a cheaper place for the sick man or she was swift to make rants on Instagram, thereby almost criminalising a noble step to save a brother?




As far as I’m concerned, Juliet is ignorant. She must understand that her Instagram page is not a place to make expensive mistakes. Information given there are as authoritative as they are perceived. People are going to read meanings to all you write. It is therefore very important to clarify facts.


Juliet’s foundation has a website. I am not sure I saw the so-called treated patients of kidney that have given Juliet Ibrahim all the ideas and experiences in the world to speak without verification. Her website is basically a hustler’s page where she compressed her music, movie and all other lives into play. I know that it is necessary to get people’s attention, but it should be for relevant purposes.


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Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent

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