Nigerian Youths flag off Global Reading Campaign “iReadHOPE”



iReadHOPE is a global reading campaign, geared towards sparking up or re-igniting (as the case may be) a good reading culture especially among the young, all around the globe.

It is said that “Great Leaders are Great Readers” and it is believed that ‘you lead through the application of what you read’. Thus, a reading generation is a leading generation.


Since it is believed that our future is powerfully influenced by the company we keep and the books we read, this campaign is set to spur young minds to imbibe a reading culture, so as to deliver ‘the future’ into their hands. Such that in years to come, the resulting ‘reading generation’, would have become a radical but wise and well informed generation with wealth of knowledge at their fingertips which they would have accumulated over the years through reading.


The iReadHOPE campaign is an initiative of Bonas Consulting. Who have partnered with Wakose Academy and WriteHouse Nigeria to flag-off the campaign and kick-start a series of events.


The iReadHOPE campaign is divided into four arms, the media arm (social media such as facebook, twitter and so on; print media which includes newspapers, magazines, shirts and so on; audio-visuals which includes radio and television), school book club arm (features starting book clubs in secondary schools and would also feature giving out books to these pupils for free), online book club arm (this online book club offers a community for authors and readers a platform to talk exclusively about books. There would also be a ‘book of the month’ service where every subscriber is given an e-book every month; All for free) and finally the book drive arm (the book drive is geared towards raising books from the public. These books would be used to run the books clubs started in secondary schools. Some of the books are also given to pupils as possession)


The campaign team intends to visit twenty schools in each of ten selected states in Nigeria, to donate
books to the students and the book clubs which would be created in those schools. A book drive would also be organized to this effect in July, 2013.


This is currently being test-run in Ibadan, Oyo State with two (2) public schools; Mount Olivet Grammar School and Methodist Grammar School.

The media campaign has also commenced, especially on Social Media through a facebook page; on twitter using @iReadHOPE. Also, a radio show is soon to commence.

The Online Book Club is already functional; people can start subscribing and get a free book every month.
Volunteers are needed in various spheres with respect to this campaign.

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