Funeral For Mido Macia in Mozambique For Taxi Driver


A taxi driver who was found dead after he was dragged behind a police van in South Africa has been buried.

Mido Macia, who was 27, was laid to rest in his native Mozambique. Thousands gathered for the funeral in Matola, near the capital Maputo.

Video footage of Mr Macia being dragged behind the van caused widespread revulsion when it emerged last month.

On Friday, nine South African policemen were charged with murder over Mr Macia’s death.

Mr Macia’s wife and parents were among the distraught mourners at Saturday’s service.

“I am sad because my son died and I do not have another. He was the last of my children,” his mother Juanita told the AFP agency.

Many present expressed anger towards those responsible for Mr Macia’s death.

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