Their Fate has been Decided: Do you Agree With the Nigerian Idol Top 12?


This was it. The tears, the disappointment and hope all boiled down to one moment for the seven contestants hoping to make it to take up those final three spots to round out the top 12. It has been an agonising journey for the contestants thus far; they had been eliminated and then given the chance to redeem themselves in the Wild Card round and now Moses, Dan, Oweck, Modele, Abasiakan, Micheal and Okey Jazz were ready to leap that final hurdle, and faced the three who would decide their fate.

Nigerian Idol Season 3 has had a fantastic run so far, from dramatic splits to disastrous onstage melt-downs; it has been one of the most exciting seasons of the show. It was a nail-biter episode and the fates of these contestants were handed out in typical dramatic fashion, as the Nigerian voting audience chose one of the seven they want to see in the top twelve, leaving the judges to pick their two favourite contestants from the remaining six.

As the lights dimmed, seven contestants stood on the stage knowing the next few minutes would decide either see their dreams come true, or their hopes crushed. And with what was probably the biggest surprise of the evening, Abasiakan proved himself to be a quiet stunner as he won the voters pick.

“I feel so big right now…I’m not going to let you down,” said an elated Abasiakan, who accompanied his good news with a nimble victory dance.  Despite the joy, the mood dimmed as it fell to the host of the show Ill Rhymz, to hand out the bad news to the contestant a few contestants including, shockingly, Oweck, who had looked like a shoo-in after his last performers.

In short order, Danny Angus and Moses became the 11th and 12th singers to make it to the top twelve, vowing to give the show their all.

And they are going to need it. The elimination rounds are over, and now 12 remain where there was once hundreds. And soon, there will be the only one left standing. Who will you choose, Nigeria?

Watch Nigerian Idol on Saturday on NTA at 3:00pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 7:30pm, Superscreen at 6:30pm and TVC at 9:30pm, to watch the results show. Then, catch all-new performances on Sunday on NTA at 3:30pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 8:00 pm, TVC at 8:30 pm and Superscreen at 9:30pm  to watch the wild card contestants have their shot at the grand prize.

The power to decide the fate of one of the contestant lies in the hands of you, Nigeria, so vote by texting the number of your favourite contestant to 33680, from any network. You can also vote for a contestant by dialling his/her number of any using an Etisalat line.

The top prize for this season is worth a superb $100,000, in which the lucky winner will get: 7.5 million naira in cash, a recording contract also worth 7.5 million naira, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will not be left out as they will be given prizes to the tune of 10 million naira.

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