Nigerian Idol Top 30 Round One: Meet your Contestants and Vote!

It has been a hard-won battle to make it to the top thirty for the Nigerian Idol contestants who have struggled with exhaustion, nerves and against thousands of other hopefuls also looking for their ticket to fame, stardom and $100,000 grand prize up for grabs.

Now, it’s their turn to shine in the spotlight as the audience and viewers at home take control of the show and vote in the top 12—and who might be the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 3.

The first 10 performers have had their chance in the klieg lights and the opportunity to catch your attention. Who will be your top 3 and move into the next round of the competition?






1.      Obinna Michael (Mr Byno):
Age: 22
Former Season 2 contestant. He has gotten older, but is he any better? He is charming and certainly has the looks, but it is up to him to prove he has what it takes to win the whole show. To see Mr Byno in the Top 12, send his number 501 to 33680 from any network.
Style: R ‘n’ B swagger

2.      Safiya Ramat Idachaba (Safeeyat):
Age: 26
This Abuja native has got confidence in spades and the vocals to back it up, and the fun-loving singer wants to ride the Idol wave all the way to international fame. To see Safeeyat in the Top 12, send her number 502 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Belting out the classics

3.      Eseosa Cole (Sossy Cole):
Age: 25
Sassy Sossa is the life of the party in her home city of Abuja. She hopes that Nigerian Idol will be the spring board to a stratospheric music career and also help her make positive splash on the music scene. To see Sossy Cole in the Top 12, send her number 503 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Soulful crowd-pleaser

4.      Modele Fatoki (Modele):
Age: 25
Modele calls Lagos her home city and this diehard fan of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé is all about the divas. She is an ambitious singer and hopes to create enormous impact if she wins the competition. To see Modele in the Top 12, send her number 5014 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Power and potential

5.      Okechukwu Egbomuche (Okey Jazz):
Age: 22
Okey sees music as his first love, and is has proven to be an experimental performer on the show. Will his out-of-the-box choices see him into the big league or the finals? To see Okey in the Top 12, send his number 505 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Experimental and straightforward

6.      Ovo Menta:
Age: 20
She’s a model, swimmer, party hearty girl who also loves to sing. The challenge is making herself heard in a talented group of vocalists in this race to the top. To see Ovo in the Top 12, send her number 5016 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Earnest and confident

7.      Vicci Chidiebere Ijomah (Vicci):
Age: 22
This Port Harcourt son is doing his city proud representing in the competition. He feels his deep connection to classic R ‘n’ B, soul and pop might just be his ticket to the finals. To see Vicci in the Top 12, send his number 507 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Smooth delivery

8.      Adeola Ojetunde (Deola):
Age: 24
He is the unassuming young man who might be the dark horse in this race. His easygoing, laidback attitude may be hiding a killer competitor who is “in it to win it”. To see Adeola in the Top 12, send his number 508 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Energetic smoothness

9.      Ekaezue Slim (Azuka Slim):
Age: 22
The Wiz Khalifa similarities aside, Azuka Slim sees that the competition as his to lose, but will his originality see him falter on the final step to stardom? To see Azuka in the Top 12, send his number 509 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Smooth delivery

10.     Debbie Olu-Rise (Debbie Rise):
Age: 23
Debbie’s romance with music is in perfect synchrony with her daring stage presence. She loves a challenge and Idol will see her all the way to the top, she hopes. To see Debbie in the Top 12, send her number 5010 to 33680 from any network.
Style: Bold vocalist

Tune in next week as the judges take on the next group of 10 hopefuls. Will anyone be able to crack Naeto C’s shell?

Nigerian Idol airs weekends on: NTA Network at 4.00pm on Sunday and 3:00pm on Saturday; Sound City and ONTV at 7.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays; Silverbird at 8:00pm on Sundays and 7:30pm on Saturdays and on TVC at 9:30pm on Saturdays and 8:30pm on Sundays.

Afrobeat Legend and new judge Femi Kuti, international performing artist Jeffery Daniel from 80’s disco/dance group Shalamar, and Nigeria’s soul diva Yinka Davies are the judges this season, with suave host Ill Rymz bringing us the highs and the lows throughout the competition. Guest judge Naeto C will be on the show while Kuti completes his US tour throughout the month of January.

The Idol grand prize is worth $100,000, and the lucky winner will get: 7.5 million naira in cash, a recording contract also worth 7.5 million naira, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will receive prizes worth a combined total of 10 million naira.

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