Update on Eva Alordiah and Trybe Records

Popular record label, owned by the versatile singer Eldee has confirmed the news surrounding Eva Alordiah contract with the label as TRUE.

In an email sent to our correspondent at exactly 17:31 on the 7th day of November, Trybe records confirmed the news and gave reason for dissolving the contract.

‘Eva’s contract was dissolved due to the fact that Eva’s vision has never,aligned with that of the ours. We wish her the best in her future endeavors and plan on continuing towards our goal of creating quality music for Nigeria and beyond’.

Eva, in a phone conversation with our correspondent also agreed to the assertion but declined further comments for now.

In her words ‘ ‘I have nothing to say to that now.  Is this your number? I’d have to call you back later…’

We hope the female rapper reaches us as promised.

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