Behind the Scene: Crystal Switch ‘What U Want’ Video Shoot

Upcoming but his deep passion for the music art is making him a star in the marking, you can call him the next big thing in the Nigeria music industry. Producer, dancer and performer per excellence.

His name is Crystal switch and he is here to stay. Riding on the success of his two singles “What

U want” and “Go Gaga”, the young artiste shows a promising music career with his good voice, dexterity and production skills.

The video for “What U want” was shot over the weekend by Ace music director MEX, locations include the Mainland and Island, although the video shoot is still going on but this is what we were able to bring to you.

The video will be released in January and its teaser in December. Ladies and gents, watch out for this young talented artiste.

To download and listen to Crystal Switch songs click here 


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