Supergal Special: Celebrity Style Icon of 2012 is Lynxxx

This is a Supergal’s special on fashion updates of 2012 and it’s a November hot pick for a celebrity who’s been rocking stardom one-dapper-look-at-a-time while holding it down for the fans! Trust me, there’s that style icon whom I think could be a GQ favourite among our Nigerian celebrities and at this moment, it could not have been anyone else (that is living a style statement) but Lynxxx! Yea, Lynxxx!! No one else rocks that gentle-man-meets-super-sexy-bad-boy looks better than the ‘‘utunu” master for the better part of 2012 in our industry after all.

He’s a recording artist under his own — Syndik8 Records — label and a Pepsi ambassador, and for this moment, our celebrity style icon! And who cares if he spends a lot or little on his wardrobe? The s simple truth is; Lynxxx is quintessentially stylish!

Even though there’s all that competition and style wars in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it can’t be taken away that Lynxxx’s got a style that’s completely his own; and that’s a winner any time! I mean, give us a Lynxxx — topped with a charming smile locked in perfect dimples — and a wardrobe, and a fashion statement is made!


Whether with some efforts (maybe some stylist always standing by), or even without trying, Lynxxx always got a sixth sense that’s tuned to fashion! It is perhaps, a case of concentrating on his good looks and pampering himself to good fashion or a talent in music that uniqueness and style is also brought to the fore when it comes to selling himself to the world, or just being there in every best-looking way in an entertainment industry that’s growing with new acts and styles.

Lynxxx can easily pass as a best-dressed celebrity from this part of the planet (and in an entertainment circle of our age) and We proudly put him on top of the list of Nigeria’s entertainment celebrities you won’t catch stranded on planet mars and not looking dapper still!

From casual looks in a music video to the red carpets, and dapper looks in TV interviews, you can’t take style out of Lynxxx, anywhere. Infact, it’s more simple to say everything utunu master wears just looks really good!

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