A new musical family dynasty in the making? Right after Sultan Marshal, another offspring of Fuji star Kwam 1, Honey B, releases her first single Sempe featuring her father.
Honey Zainab Marshal, better known by her stage name Honey B, was born in Lagos Nigeria but moved to London at the tender age of 3 months with her mother. After graduating from The BRIT School of Performing Arts in Croydon were she studied Music, she is now ready to take music on as her career, and starting off her career with a duet with her famous father on a remake of one of his popular tracks is not a bad choice.
As a new artist, Honey B has an eclectic style, Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, RnB and even Fuji, and seems willing to take risks and try anything.  She says “I am an artist. I have spent years studying and researching everything I can about the music industry and becoming an artist. I am not only honing my songwriting skills, but I am also developing my total package including my image and my stage presence”.
In addition to her father Kwam 1, Honey’s influences include Nina Simone, Destinys Child, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Lauryn Hill.

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