Bobby Brown Coming to Nigeria with New Edition in March!!

We just came across an audio recording announcing that Bobby Brown will be

in Nigeria with New Edition in March!!!

Bobby has been touring the world with his group new edition since last

year. Although he cancelled a performance in honor of Whitney Houston this

week, it looks like the singer plans to join his crew for a gig in Nigeria

next month.

'*Whaddup Nigeria, its Bell Biv Devoe season, and this is your man Big

Ronnie Devoe, aka what about Ronnie, and I'm coming along with my boys

Ricky Bell and Mike Bevins, we are not coming alone, we are coming with New

Edition Alumni Bobby Brown”* Big Randevouz member of New Edition says

Bobby Brown coming to Nigeria is a big deal – dude's never been here. In

fact he's never been to Africa. And that he's coming weeks after Whitney

passed? Is he going to perform Whitney tributes, and maybe come with Bobbi


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