MAJEK FASHEK TODAY: What will you do for the ‘Rain Maker’ now that he is still alive?

Words by Uche Nnaji ‘Ouch!!!!

As we all mourn d exit of a legend today, I am personally saddened because she was one of those who sang Love songs with meaning :'(. With the amount of emotions being shown, it is obvious that her 48yrs has made an indelible mark in music history. Adieu Whitney Houston!

However, I wish to notify everyone of a trend that has become so rampant that needs be nipped in the bud. Why do we often celebrate the dead but never pay them as much emotion/attention whilst they are yet alive?

Here is a recent picture of the legendary Majek Fashek, one of Nigeria’s most celebrated talentsn sons. Accurate details of him yet elude me as to how his health deteriorated to this point and what led up to him
being in this situation, but I dare say the “Rain-Maker” remains an icon like Fela is to Nigeria/Africa

I can bet for sure that if this guy passes on today, we will see and hear just as much outburst of emotions in Nigeria as Whitney is getting today.

So in d spirit of brotherhood, I wish to ask if it is possible to show some love and honor now that he is alive. Or would we rather wait for him to eventually pass on before we organize Charity concerts & documentaries all over the place with all our big artistes coming to show love by performing?

Can these concerts not happen now, both to celebrate & possibly raise necessary funds for a proper rehabilitation & nurture of this great Icon of Nigerian music?

Where is PMAN? And other well meaning artist? Can’t our artiste like Tu Face,Omawunmi,M.I,Tiwa Salvage,WizKid, Flavour come together & do a remix of some of his classics with him & put it out there for him to witness whilst he’s still alive? I can only imagine what a classic it will be to have a Don Jazzy,C. Asuquo,Wole Oni or Samklef produced Majek Song.

Meeting Majek is a privilege I never had neither do I have any present means of reaching him. But trust me guys we can show real love this season to the living like Majeek


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