E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-E: Club owner battles with D’Prince over Club Jonzing

D’Prince the younger brother to the Mo’Hits C.E.O and hit producer Don Jazzy, launched Club Jonzing on Wednesday, September 29, 2011. The latest news we got from a source is that D’Prince is owing the Owner of Club SQ and that she chased them away.
To confirm the story, We called Suzy the owner of Club SQ and she said in her words through a Phone conversation she said that

” She does not want to disclose the amount of the money D’Prince is owing her and that she was not impressed with the progress of the club. She also confirmed to us that she had several meetings with him and he promised to change things but she didn’t see any improvement. So she changed the name from Club Jonzing to Club SQ. She also said she sent him a quick notice in October. 

To confirm the story from D’Prince we called a representative of D’Prince and she authoritatively confirmed to us that –

“They are not owing her a PENNY and that she is cooking up the story to defend her self. She also said
to us on behalf of D’Prince that She is a terrible person  and that Suzy did not disclose anything about the accounts to them. She did not allow us check the accounts too. To clear all this , they are no longer  associated with SUZY SQ anymore and we do not owe her a PENNY. That right now, D’Prince is focusing on his tour in January 2012. In conclusion, It is a fabrication to tie D’Prince  down” she said

So far we heard two different stories and now the name of the club has been changed back to Club SQ. That’s the recent picture (above)  from the club and renovations are going on there.

D Prince at Club Jonzing Launch

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