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#ThingsThatPissMeOff when I tell someone to stop doing something & they keep doing it!!!! such as noises & touching me ! Smh”

#thingsthatpissmeoff niggas that think they da shit cus they got a diamond chain”

#thingsthatpissmeoff when you at a party and the less attractive girl/dude acts an ass to get everyones attention #SitYaAssDown”

#ThingsThatPissMeOff: The fact that there are so many talented people in this world, yet I hear the same garbage on the radio”

I had crush on with a boy in my high school and he is younger than me about 2 grade  #confessiontime”

#confessiontime : my ex still has my heart. So it prevents me from giving it to someone new.”

#confessiontime I should have taken over and drove instead of letting someone else drive.. things would have ended better.

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