13 Year-old Thai Kickboxer Dies During Bout

The world is reacting with fury after a 13-year-old boxer died during a charity bout.

Anucha Tasako, who fought under the stage name, Phetmongkol Sor Wilaithong collapsed after his opponent delivered several blows to his head at a bout in Samut Prakan province, near Bangkok, on November 10.

Assistants quickly rushed to his motionless body and was rushed to the hospital, where he died from a brain haemorrhage.

Domestic media said he had been fighting since the age of 8 and had been involve in over 150 bouts.

While kickboxing is popular in Thailand, the use of underage kids, especially in the brutal Muay Thai martial art has come for criticism and calls for its ban have been rife for a while.

Some of the kids, many under the age of 10, fight using kicks and elbows to the head – and often without headguards.

The kids who are often the bread winners for their families enter the sport in search of fame and money and have little other prospects.

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