Youth Voter Registration Surges To Over 51% Of Total Registered Voters, Could Make The Difference In The Election

The Independent National Electoral Commission yesterday presented the voters register in Abuja yesterday and the biggest surprise was the percentage of youth registration that constituted 51.1% of the total numbers.

This validates the perception of youth participation that was particularly palpable during registration, and gives credence to the various online campaign to get the youths interested in politics. Throughout last year, there were various efforts to get the millennial to take the coming elections seriously or at least be politically conscious – and those efforts has paid dividends.

The numbers are in and they show the biggest determinant of the forthcoming elections could be the youths. Numbers don’t lie

The Figures: 

Youths (18-35) 51.11% , which is around 42,938,458 voters

Middle aged (36-50) 29.97%, which is around 25,176,144 voters.

The elderly (51-70) 15.22% which amounted to 3,100,971 voters

The old (70+) 3.69 %, which is around 3,100,971 voters.


Voters By Region: 

South East (10,052,236)

South-West (16,292,212)

North-West (20,158,100)

North-East (11,289,293)

North-Central (13, 366,070).

South-South (12,841,279)


Voters By Gender

Female voters constitute 47.14 per cent, which is 39,598,645 voters.

male voters constitute 52.85 per cent, which is 44,405,439 voters.


Lagos accounts for 6.6 million while Kano has 5.5 million voters.

The total amount of registered voters are 84,004,084


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