#Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa – CALM RESTORED TO DURBAN’S CBD FOR NOW

Hundreds of foreign nationals were gathered in the area on Tuesday with many saying they wouldn’t leave.

After violent demonstrations that saw thousands of foreign nationals clash with police officers on Tuesday afternoon managed to clear Mahatma Gandhi Road in Durban’s CBD.
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Water cannons, stun grenades and tear gas were fired into the large crowd by police attempting to disperse angry protesters.
Foreigners took to the streets this afternoon saying they’re standing up to locals who’ve been attacking their shops over the past two weeks.
At least five people have been killed in the unrest.

Consular General Ambassador Uche Ajulu Akeke and other diplomatic officials were in durban to discuss the way forward with premier senzo mchunu and minister of home affairs gigaba.

The situation was still tense on Mahatma Gandhi Road in the Durban CBD, with police patrolling the streets and the sound of sirens in the air. 
Hundreds of foreign nationals were still gathered with many saying they would not disperse.
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One woman called for an end to what she said was “senseless violence”. 
“They should stop this foolishness. All countries have foreigners but they aren’t fighting.” 
Police were patrolling most parts of the CBD including Albert Park, a potential hot bed that is home to thousands of foreigners in the city.
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