Who Runs the Nigerian Idol Stage…Girls!!!

The third group for the top 30 contestants of the Nigerian Idol competition proved that Beyoncé couldn’t have been more apt with her song on girl power. From the song choices to the ladies sweeping the trophies for best of the night, it seems that women were unstoppable.

The night began with an electrifying group performance of Brit-pop Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’, which kicked off an interesting night. Personal performances for the night began with Abasiakan, who sang Faith Evan’s ‘Never Going to Let you Go’, and the judges couldn’t come to an agreement regarding his performance: Jeffrey Daniels and Yinka Davies gave their approvals, and it looked like Naeto C was back to his more taciturn persona on the panel. Things did not improve; it looked like
another night of weak performances from the contestants with G-Circuit who performed Mary J Blige’s ‘Love at First Sight’, Samari Peter who performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’, Joseph who performed Steven Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ all disappointing the judges, yet again.

Luckily for the group, the day was saved by the last three contestants starting from the petite powerhouse Efezino from Benin who performed Keyisha Cole’s ‘I Remember’. “I liked every bit of you performance. Everyone likes the small girl with a big voice,” said a perked up Nateo C. Up next was Bimi Adegoke from Lagos, and her soulful and powerful rendition of Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’ wowed all three judges. The last performer for the night was Amarachi from Owerri who brought down the house with her rendition of Destiny Child’s ‘Say My Name.’

The women have thrown down the gauntlet this episode, but will Nigeria vote them in or will we see them on the cutting room floor? And, who will be called back as a Wild Card?

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Top 12 from the last group of 10.

The Idol grand prize is worth $100,000, and the lucky winner will get N7.5 million in cash, a recording contract also worth N7.5 million, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will receive prizes worth a combined total of N10 million.

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