What Went Down At GTB Lagos Fashion And Design Week Day One #OSGFashionFocus #LFDW2014

Well, I have to say today was really slow none of the events started on time ( the 10am exibition started by 3pm) hair and makeup was a struggle but oh!!! well guess its the first day so we’ll let it slide.

The Exhibition

It had the best of accessories  and clothing i was able to try on the KOJ eyewear quite expensive (34k for a pair of lens) but really tasteful. I would ddefinitely pick a pair once all my debtors start paying up ermm!!! I’m sure you know yourselves. I have to say I adored the Kene_Rapu cute print slippers oh and the Sophie Zinga stand (pastels galore), Nicholeby haguanna had some crazy cool lifestyle pieces (its about to re decor my crib)

Best Celerities who were at the event;

My two best dressed for women was Eku Edewor (wearing Amedè) love the print & her new dark roots! Her fresh make was very youthful.





Fade Ogunro
Had the cutest White cocaine one piece (Designer unkown) and we def lovedd her matching white & snake skinned strappy heels.

Best dressed  for Men

Rodney of McMeka
The winner of two years back wore is signature suits, coral blue matched with a fashionable whits shirt and tie.

Denolà Grey

Fashion blogger never seems to get it wrong. I mean can this guy ever dressed badly? He definately schooled us on the red carpert with a 3pieces suite and likewise Rodney matching with the classic white shirt & tie.



Highlights from the Show

April by Kunbi was very spunk and vibrant with perky colours and youthful designs.
april by kunbi 11 april by kunbi lfdw 10 APRIL BY KUNBI LFDW 4 APRIL BY KUNBI LFDW 1

Tenola wowed us with the electric sequins and regal attractions, I can actually feel like a princess in one of her Designs.



Mimi by Habibah was great prints, stripes and I didn’t really feel her gowns though, they looked quite ill-fitted and tacky if you ask me but aside that it was a great collections.


mimi lfdw 2 mimi lfdw 1 mimi lfdw


My three favorites Menswear collections during the show was TI Nathan (Fayrouz L’orginal winner) Soboye and Misfits of Lagos.

TI Nathan chose to go with more of white palets, I loved how he mixed his prints with neutrals.

Soboye spoiled us with Prints, from bombers jackets to skirts to suits.  It was like print heaven the jackets were really the best of his collection and they’re unisex. I’m definitely booking the orange green print Bomber.

We were able to catch up with one of our designers and and talk about her inspiration for her collection and was actually the first to show; she said “I was inspired by regal couture really chic pieces and vintage wears, I wanted my collection to bring out the a different side from girly to regal like a proper lady figure and I’m thankful I was able to show that today”.

After party was literally dead and scanty, they’re usually always packed.  So there you have it Day One of Lagos Fashion and Design Week.


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Photo credits;



Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

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