What Pop Culture And #TheJordanBrand Means – Jordan Abiola

It’s been a tad while I blogged, I mean, this I do on a regular basis, but for quite some time, I have been fascinated as to who I am and why I have decided to tread on this path I am on.

If it be possible, I’d love to perceive the crispness that comes from opening the new page of a book, perhaps understand the relationship that exists between the ballpoint of my pen and these pages I am about to scribble on. It gives me life.



Many a time, I have been questioned by so many people, who seemingly thought I was just some mortal that has chosen to be a way-ward, or a rebel (as the case may be), and it took the intelligent and the very learned amongst this lot, to comprehend the spirit that guides my actions, my everyday life.

Superhuman? No. A Non-Conformist? Heck Yes! It took me many years to assimilate my kind of person. I would literally refuse to do things the same way everyone does theirs. This habit which fast became a character, got me as much enemies as it got me friends. I’ll seldom sit and have a sober reflection on why I took a particular decision, but only when I am content with its actions. The aftermath.

An oil spill on a perfect canvas, I gradually nurtured myself in the Pop Culture path. Now I guess that’s where we are headed. As popular as certain cultures are, I am selective of what I want the general populace to see me as. My inner being had a sexual intercourse with my mind, and I figured, I am just not set to conform.

When my parents gave birth to me, a score and some years back, they christened me Jordan Abiola with my family’s name Bolade. All through high school, everyone knew the intelligent boy as Abiola (This is a Yoruba word which means – We gave birth to Wealth). I’d spare you the story, but I stuck to Jordan after high school and fast forward to this moment, I am Jordan Abiola.



Although of the science discipline, I have always loved entertaining and out of my quest and yearn to be different, the need to make myself stand out pioneered #TheJordanBrand which is basically everything that is to be known about the boy, Jordan Abiola. I loved the entirety of Popular Culture.

According to Wikipedia, Pop Culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture, especially Western Culture.

A cultural phenomenon that facilitates how things are done, Pop Culture to me, depicts a widely accepted group of practices or customs. So you are quite excused if I come across to you as a fun seeker, fashion enthusiast, talkative, sex symbol, lover boy or whatever you can come up with in your thoughts.

With over 7 years of experience with TV Presenting, Acting, Music, Fashion, Writing and Content development, it’s been an admixture of fun and very unpleasant times. I currently work with one of Africa’s largest media outfit as a Senior Content Coordinator and Writer and it really gladdens my heart that I am expressing myself in different ways that I can.




Talk about making your passion, your profession.

Last week, I was in the University of Lagos as I honored my appointment with a particular photographer, Caster Klicks. He picked up interest with what I associate myself with and pleaded with me we do a photoshoot. I of course, Obliged.

I do hope you find the Hobo themed photoshoot as appealing as my personality is. My name is Jordan Abiola and this and more, is what #TheJordanBrand is all about.


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