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‘We Don’t Need Foreign Assistance, Nigeria Can Solve Chibok Problem Alone’ – Chimamanda Adichie

While speaking at the 2014 Hay Festival for Literature and Arts in Wales, England recently, award winning Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie expressed her reservations on the foreign assistance Nigeria is receiving on the missing chibok school girls.

Adichie said the foreign government should focus on solving their own problems and leave Nigeria to deal with theirs “Now we have American drones helping us in this forest and even the French have sent in people – shouldn’t they be fixing their own economy?

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We can solve our own damn problems. I’m sure that there are hunters in that area who know that forest very well. Why haven’t they been used?

Why aren’t we depending on them?

What we need is a better equipped military, a better trained military. We don’t need Americans to send people in” she said. Continue… She appreciated the efforts of Michelle Obama and all other international stars in spreading the word about the missing Chibok girls, an action she said made the Nigerian government sit up and act. “It was very much a grassroots social media Nigerian campaign. The fact that westerners are sharing in something started locally is fine with me.

I recognize that the campaign made a difference. People paid attention and then the (Nigerian) government had to sit up a little bit.” she added

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