Watch Trailer For HBO’s Controversial Michael Jackson Documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’

HBO has released the trailer for its controversial new documentary about Michael Jackson, titled, Leaving Neverland

The documentary is being released despite objections by the Jackson family and the Michael Jackson estate, who called the documentary,  “one-sided” and “sensationalist.”

A lawyer for the estate said:  “We know that HBO is facing serious competitive pressures from Netflix, Amazon and other more modern content providers, but to stoop to this level to regain an audience is disgraceful,”

Dan Reed, director of the documentary has defended the documentary and his methods.

“The way I imagine it is that when people sit down and tell a story, their mind is looking at a real thing that happened to them, right?” he said last month. “And that real thing is a 360-degree solid thing. So, at any one point you can turn them back to that thing, and they can re-interrogate it and tell you something new about it. They don’t have to make it up.”

The movie, which centers around Jackson’s abuse of children opened to a fairly positive review at the Sundance festival.

It offers a first look at the troubling relationship the late pop icon allegedly had with two boys – James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who accused Jackson of sexually abusing them.

Watch the trailer below:



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