WAJE Sets Up Scholarship Fund For 5 Young NIGERIAN GIRLS

Award winning singer and United Nations/ONE AND Purple ambassador Waje is launching a worldwide campaign for gender equality and opportunity. Tagged #AfricanWoman, the singer aims to empower and enable African women and girls to have a qualitative education through her foundation www.waje.global  



She made the announcement via her social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. “The most important and often misunderstood concept in the narratives for gender equality is OPPORTUNITY. One of our key goals for this project is to create awareness about the need to guarantee the same opportunities for education and life choices for the African girl or woman. To make gender equality a reality in Africa, we must educate and empower women. I believe that the only way to do this is by being an example and a voice for our women who do not have the opportunity to speak for themselves. We must enlighten them. We must let them know that they can be the driving force of African growth. Through www.wajesafehouse.org , we will be touring the continent and kicking off a scholarship fund for 5 bright young women who are unable to fund their tertiary education. ”

Waje will also be launching a scholarship fund for 5 bright young women who are unable to complete their education through financial difficulties. While the scholarship fund will commence first in Nigeria, it will be extended throughout Africa in the future.



This campaign comes at a critical time when worldwide conversations have kicked off around the subject of gender equality with world leaders and influential personalities like Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and actress Emma Watson some of its biggest supporters.  Waje will be supported by major organisations including ONE for which she is an ambassador and headliner of the song ‘Strong girl’

For more information on the project follow the conversation #AfricanWoman on social media

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