Voting 101 – 2011 Nigerian Elections guide

Voting 101 – 2011 Nigerian Elections guide

1. Arrive at polling station between 8 am to 12 noon with your voter’s registration card to get accredited – accreditation is important, you will not be able to vote if you do not get accredited!
2. Voting starts at 12:30pm
3. Vote
4. Stay at the station until all ballots are collected and voting is closed
5. Make sure each ballot is counted and the final counts are announced to all
6. Send the final ballot count to
7. You are allowed to have your camera and/or phone at the station

Voting Dates:
* National Assembly which includes Senate and House of Reps: 2nd April 2011
* Presidential Election: 9th April 2011
* Governorship and State Assembly Elections: 16th April 2011

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