Vinci Hair Clinic, Africa’s leading hair restoration clinic has launched a partnership programme which will benefit beauty and hair care experts such as salons, barbers, spas and other professionals working in the industry.

The partnership is a payment scheme whereby Vinci Hair Clinic will pay a commission to beauty and hair care experts who refer any of their clients to the Clinic. If the client subsequently takes up a procedure/treatment, the Vinci partner will receive a payment from Vinci Hair Clinic.

This is great news for the industry as hair care experts have the opportunity of earning additional income for their business, providing an added value service to their clients by offering help and advice at the early stage of any hair loss issue and building links with a clinic which has a reputation for ensuring the promotion and maintenance of good hair care practices.

Some high profile salons and barbers have already signed up to be Vinci Partners such as Sari Signatures, Total Beauty, K Signatures  and Apple and Oranges spa.

Mr Ayo Otubanjo, CEO Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria , giving an introductory speech to hair care experts

Mr Ayo Otubanjo, CEO Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria , giving an introductory speech to hair care experts

Vinci is now in a unique position to bring all these industry players together and will work with Sari Signatures to ensure the industry is properly regulated, with high standards, and to establish a network of salons who are focused on promoting good hair care practices though the use of highly trained and expert staff, salon specialisation, and sharing of best practice across the industry.

Being in partnership with Vinci will enable partners to raise the profile of their businesses, and will give them access to a forum to share ideas, knowledge and views with like-minded forward thinking business owners who have the promotion of good hair care front of mind – ultimately raising the standards in the hair care industry.

Mrs Tosin Otubanjo, Communications Director, Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria, said: “We have developed this programme to introduce a new stream of income generation for hair care professionals across Nigeria. This is a good opportunity for them to associate with the first hair restoration clinic in Nigeria and inform their clients with hair loss issues about Vinci Hair Clinic and the hair restoration solutions we offer”.

Mona Peters, representing celebrity hairdresser; Sari Signatures, welcomed the Vinci partnership programme and spoke extensively on the need for the hair care industry to be properly regulated and the processes to be put in place for the maintenance of good hair.
DSC_0833 Mr. Ayo Otubanjo_ CEO Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria , Mrs. Tosin Otubanjo, Communications Director VHC and Mona Peters_ Sari Signature Manager DSC_0830 Tosin Ajibade (Olorisupergal)Vinci Hair Clinic ?is introducing this scheme to create a meaningful synergy between the hair care industry and the hair care restorer which will benefit their Nigerian clientele.

Vinci Hair Clinic, a leading specialist hair restoration company has 29 clinics in 13 countries covering six continents. They have an already established global reputation in hair transplants. Last year, Vinci Hair Clinic opened an outlet on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria making it the first Hair Restoration Clinic outside South Africa to offer hair transplants and the only clinic in Africa to offer the Micro-Scalp Pigmentation™ procedure (MSP). Vinci Hair Clinic is a world leader and pioneer in delivering cutting edge expert hair restoration solutions, including the MSP procedure to over 2,000 clients worldwide.

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