Video: Tosin Ajibade ‘Olorisupergal’ Dabbles into Vlogging: Drops Nugget on Influencer Marketing

Seasoned blogger and social media influencer Tosin Ajibade, popularly known as Olorisupergal has added vlogging to her already vast portfolio – describing it as an avenue to imbue social media users and fellow influencers with appropriate ethics to adopt, as well as insightful tips and methods to augment their business and marketing opportunities online.

In a recently released episode of her series entitled “Influencer Marketing”, Tosin expounded branding in regards to online marketing and outlined a handful of approaches in identifying, defining and solidifying one’s brand.

The award-winning blogger went on to discuss the consequentiality of developing a unique brand in the face of the broad and ever-evolving spectrum of social media and online marketing. Olorisupergal also identified the purpose of merging one’s personal story with your brand story – indicating it is incredibly germane to successful branding and marketing online. The young expert remarks in the video; “As an influencer, you should be able to merge your personal life or personal story with your brand story. This would help you sell your market well.”

According to Tosin, the series will have episodes released weekly on her YouTube channel; OloriSupergal TV, with majority aimed at helping social media influencers develop consummate skills in online marketing and brand positioning.

Watch Episode 3 of Olorisupergal’s Influencer Marketing Series here:


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