Usher Embarrases Comedian Princess In Pastor Oyemade’s Church


Comedian Princess Damilola  attended  a morning church service at the Covenant Christian Centre, things took a different turn.

The comedienne says she was publicly embarrassed by one of the ushers of the church after she was told she couldn’t sit in the front row of the church while Pastor Poju Oyemade was delivering a sermon. The comedienne says the usher told her he was asking her to leave because she was ‘single’.

The same day, Princess poured out her mind on her Twitter page.

‘I can’t believe dis Covenant Christian Centre people & their sitting arrangement. Is dis not supposed to be the house of God?! one usher told me I couldn’t sit in front cos I am single. I nearly died of embarrassment, in d presence of God! *sad face’, @PrincessCOMEDY lamented.

Princess further explains that the popular Pastor was aware of what happened as he was present while she rebuked the usher later on at the car park.

‘Y would I lie? I av plenty witnesses.If na lie make their Pastor confront me,he was there wen I raked 4 d usher later in d car park. both of dem better b sure of d facts. I was embarrassed & emotionally rattled.They want 2 look gud 2 Pastor Poju,I only fear God!’.

Her tweets of course caused uproar on the social network with a number of people taking sides with her and the others defending the church’s action.

When @Im_a_MARVEL asked ‘question is what was she wearing? Might be a good reason to have her seat at d back’, Princess replied ‘since u av known me av I EVER dressed improper? They don’t want 2 admit dat usher did wat was WRONG. Sugbon oruko ti ekun a somo e’.

@yewiez tweeted ‘I attend C3 (short for Covenant Christian Centre). I have been told a couple of times by ushers that i can’t sit in front because I’m single’.

But then @oshladiva tweeted ‘I attnd CCC,I’m single,I dnt knw nobody dere n I sit in front quite often,so dats a mute point really.Wat is d FULL story.Dnt make assumptns/conclusions from 1 persons pt of view’.

As the debate grew bigger with Princess still giving her rant and other Twitter users dishing out their opinion, Oyemade weighed in on the matter, making an apology to Princess.

‘@PrincessCOMEDY My apologies for what happened on Sunday’, @pastorpoju tweeted. This got Princess more animated as she responded:

‘@pastorpoju accepted but I feel really PAINED u waited dis long knowing wat ur usher did on Sunday was VERY wrong. Its not a sin 2 b SINGLE! OMG! So u r single too, that usher owes a BIG time apology.He spoilt my day,made me regret coming to ur church &hurt my feelings’.

She finally calmed down and accepted his apology, explaining to her fans ‘@pastorpoju has apologised on bhalf of his usher dt embarrassed me on Sun. Tanx 2 my friends &fans 4 their words of wisdom while I was hurtin’


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