How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots To Grow Your Email List

You’re just a little bit curious about all the hype surrounding Messenger bots. Had the same feeling here too.


Even if you haven’t looked into using them in any more detail than reading the odd blog post, like this one, you probably have an interest in learning what they’re all about.

But my question to you is, what’s stopped you from trying them?


Let me guess: you’re unsure how to get started, how to use them to grow your business, or you just don’t want to get distracted by another ‘new’ strategy.


I get it. I felt the same. Notice the past tense.


Because here’s the thing – Facebook bots don’t have to be complicated. In fact, you could set up your first bot in minutes to start increasing subscribers and building your audience.


This post shares three killer ways to use Facebook Messenger bots to boost your subscribers and build your email list… Read the rest of the article here



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