Unusual Places To Meet A Potential Partner

Hey Single folks, Valentine is almost here and you are probably worried that you might be spending the day without a partner, it is not late so something can still be done. I compiled this list just for you with love.

There are several places you can meet a potential partner but this list comprises of the not too obvious ones, which means there will be little or no competition. Remember first impression matters and it is important to always look your best because you never can tell where exactly the meeting will take place. Here we go in no particular order:

Suya Spots: This is one of the best place to start a conversation with an absolute stranger especially if it is a popular spot and there is likely to be a queue.



Yoga Studios: Yoga is the new IT this year, lots of people are joining the yoga community and most are eligible singles. If you are a fitness buff, you might as well add yoga to your routine and it will be like killing two birds with one stone. All you need is look for a yoga studio around where you live.



Social media (INSTAGRAM): This might seem like old news but it is really good news. It is probably the easiest place to meet a potential partner, from liking comments to engaging in intelligent conversations and eventually sliding into DMs.


Banks: From the usual “Can I use your pen?” to “Can I have your number?”; you know how this go…lol!


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