Have you ever wondered about the significance of a tribal mark? or why do people have tribal marks?
One of the sole purposes of tribal marks was for identification of tribe, family or patrilineal heritage.
The practice of tribal marks has been existence for hundreds of years, not just in Nigeria but Africa Generally.
it can be traced back to when the slave trade was still in existence and tribal marks were inscribed for identification.
however, they are other reasons for tribal marks such as beautification, cultural practice, spiritual or religion protection, especially some Yorubas and some part of Igbo believes that tribal marks can stop recurrent deaths from a particular family, another reason for tribal marks are for healing purposes or cultural belief.
There are different styles of tribal marks that are symbolic
Among the Yorubas, they are different tribal marks with a different interpretation, the location and position of marks depend on the tribe and culture. Tribal marks could be inscribed on the breast, arm, or lap, but they are usually on the face.
But they are laws, especially in Oyo State, there’s a law that states ‘No person shall tattoo or make a skin mark or cause any tattoo or skin mark to be made on a child’.Because of the effects like health implications from unsterile objects used from the inscription, another is the trauma and psychological effect, most people with marks especially facials marks are usually insecure or not confident about it.
Basically, Tribal marks are unique but it should be voluntary and not done without the consent, or shouldn’t be done on a child.

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